Simple and fast

Detect and process money laundering cases more efficiently and accurately with the help of Human AI

Simplify your life with visualizations, model explanations, or intuitive user experience. We are laser-focused on making your life easier. Spend your time fighting financial crime, not making sense of data.

Close the skill gap

Augment your compliance capabilities

By using Lucinity‘s sophisticated detection technology, you can reap the benefits from a world-class AML data science department.

We have mapped out money laundering behaviors from all major regulators and placed them into our ever-growing knowledge graph. Don‘t struggle to fight alone, join our network and improve continuously.

Continuous Improvement

Our system learns from every interaction

Our Human AI continuously learns. By gathering feedback from analysts, we get better results and cut expensive tuning efforts.

Business Resilience

Work from anywhere, anytime

Strictly on-premise belongs to the past. Using Lucinity’s secure cloud platform, you can access the system anywhere, anytime, as the Lucinity system never sleeps.

Lucinity’s interface makes onboarding new talent to the system a joy. Lux, our AI AML advisor, gives every reviewer intuitive tools to excel as a financial crimefighter.

Some of our partners in making money good

This is about fighting
The good fight by doing our jobs brilliantly and empowering
Our customers to stay ahead of financial crime.

Justin Bercich, Head of AI