Human AI Case Manager

Case Management re-imagined

Actor-based review
We center our detection around your customers instead of transactions. Focusing on people allows us to improve coverage and speed in AML.

Simple explanations
Lux, the AI advisor, cuts review times by organizing information and explaining critical observations in a case.

Intelligent process automation
Lux speeds up the case review process by automating case summaries and narration, SAR creation, workflows, and much more.

Behavior Detection for AML

Explainable transaction monitoring

Complete behavioral coverage
Our AML behaviors are built on regulatory expertise to strengthen your defense against money laundering schemes. Static rules belong to the past – ensure risk-based coverage with behaviors.

Increased detection productivity
Our models protect your institution from the riskiest behaviors while slashing operation costs. Through model accuracy and simple explanations, Lucinity reduces false positives and review times.

Actor-based transaction monitoring
We monitor your customers’ activity through their transaction network and compare their actions to past behavior and peer group activity.

Actor Intelligence

Do you really know your customers?

Continuous risk rating
We provide intelligent risk scoring for AML, and other compliance dimensions, providing up-to-date assessments of every actor for an organization-wide overview.

Actor insights
Don’t rely on static, self-reported KYC data. Really know your customers by understanding risk and transaction patterns.

Actor summary
Key facts are intuitively presented within the Case Manager interface, enhancing your understanding of contextual risks to enable a thorough and efficient investigation.


Your personal AML advisor

Lux is our brilliant advisor who can help out thousands of people at the same time.

Lux duly organizes everything in the Case Manager and sets things up for an effective review. It presents information in a social-media-like interface, provides visualizations of complex data, explains model findings, and so much more.

Modular Model

Great separately, magical together

Lucinity‘s platform is completely modular. Customers can tailor the platform to their specific journey.

For example, start with components from the Case Manager for instant efficiency benefits and then consider our Human AI money laundering detection.

Human AI

The best of both worlds

  • Continuous improvement through the Human AI feedback loop
  • Minimal investment to get started, tremendous upside
  • AI for humans, not against them

Explainable AI

Illuminate the blackbox

  • Spend your time making decisions, not making sense of data
  • Easily explain model findings and AML processes to regulators
  • Behavior specific visualizations within the Case Manager

Lucinity Knowledge Graph

The brain behind Human AI

  • Connects regulations to behaviors from regulation to detection
  • Provides greater explainability, traceability, and speed
  • A growing foundation for intuitive and intelligent AML detection

AML Regulations

Stored and constantly updated in the Knowledge Graph

We have translated all AML regulations in the EU and the US into laundering behaviors maintained in our Knowledge Graph. This approach allows us to show why you are looking at a specific behavior concerning a money laundering alert and provides relevant information for regulatory coverage and efficient review.

Understand your customers’ behavior and generate accurate insights before it’s too late.

Continuous Improvement

The system improves every day

Lux learns from micro-feedback gathered from the AML investigators. The labeled data travels back to our deep learning models, which optimize and improve with each case.


Integrate in the way you want in record time

Rapidly build production-ready integrations with modern tools using our APIs. Using Lucinty’s developer platform means less maintenance and more focus on shining a light on dark finance.

Securing PII data

Lucinity secures your customers’ data through our patent-pending secure lockbox

Lucinity’s patent-pending innovation, the Secure Lockbox, is a homomorphic encryption method designed to maintain the fidelity and information content of data post-encryption, allowing for further analysis of encrypted data.

Security and Compliance is in our DNA

We come from top-tier banks and international regulators, so we take our tech very seriously

Security Culture
Security is at the heart of the culture in Lucinity and manifests in the hiring process, employee onboarding, training, and company events.

Data Privacy
Lucinity’s customers are always the owners of their data. At any time, customers can request a report on data processing or request their full data set to be delivered.

Rigorous Compliance
Our customers have varying regulatory compliance needs depending on regions, size, and financial activities. We are ISO 27001 certified.

PII Security
With the Secure Lockbox, we remove and encrypt all personally identifiable information of your customers.

Thus you can rest assured your data is secure within the Lucinity cloud.

Isolated Infrastructure for PII
Lucinity’s infrastructure for storing, decrypting, and transmitting PII runs in the Lucinity Secure Lockbox hosted on an isolated infrastructure and doesn’t share any credentials with Lucinity’s primary services.

Infrastructure Reliability
We have designed the Lucinity platform with reliability at its core. We utilize infrastructure as code, holistic logging and monitoring, scalable capacity management, self-recovering infrastructure components, and much more.

ISO 27001 Certified

Our cloud partners


Lucinity’s Human AI will show you how to put a stop to financial crimes in the most effective and efficient way.